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Our clients win with digital—their stories prove it

Awake splash

Helping more people with pelvic floor dysfunction find lasting relief

We significantly increased Awake's search performance with as few changes as possible.

Client: Awake Pelvic Health & Wellness

Segment: Healthcare

Services: Streamline

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Siemens splash

Bringing IoT to the stationary side of
rail transportation

We showed Siemens Mobility how to build a viable digital twin—without device data!

Client: Siemens Mobility

Segment: Industrial

Services: Activate, Transition

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Washcard splash

Building the future of car wash
payment technology

We helped WashCard complete the whole connected product journey, from inspiration, to product, to launch and revenue.

Client: WashCard Systems

Segment: Commercial

Services: Activate, Deliver

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Boston Scientific splash

Eliminating waste throughout the
medical device supply chain

We quantified the impact of digital inventory visibility and architected their proof of concept.

Client: Boston Scientific

Segment: Supply chain

Services: Streamline

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DSI splash

Enhancing preclinical research outcomes

We researched what compelled DSI customers and architected a product to meet their desires.

Client: Data Sciences International (Harvard Bioscience)

Segment: Healthcare

Services: Activate

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Medibio splash

Empowering mental wellness with
digital screening

We navigated a paralyzing transition and reignited software delivery.

Client: Medibio Limited

Segment: Healthcare

Services: Transition, Deliver

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