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Our purpose

Next Mile exists to de-risk, de-cost, and de-stress connected product development and operations. We believe connected offerings should create prosperity instead of endless churn.

We've learned the hard lessons about how sustainable connected product programs really work, so we founded Next Mile to empower you with the truth.

Trusted by the world's finest

"By the time I heard about a problem it was already solved.
I love Next Mile!"

Renuka Babu, CEO DOTS

Our perspective

Good connected product programs die when they shouldn't. Their deaths have one culprit in common: parasitic costs.

Next Mile rejects this expensive status quo. Instead, we identify and resolve the costly problems preventing your program from realizing its full potential. We'll map your most efficient path forward using our:

  1. Proven, end-to-end IoT hardware, platform, and custom software expertise
  2. Complete digital process and product lifecycle experience
  3. Deep integration skill working inside and alongside all teams

Legacy tech consultancies exist to design and build, not advise. Next Mile gives you total command of every option.

Our leadership

Dan Barthel

Dan sees around corners with startling accuracy. He routinely generates new options, prevents problems, and simplifies decisions. He can correctly think like a business, a user, and a computer, and has helped enterprises overcome digital challenges for 15 years.

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Sherman Bausch

Sherman brings sanity to digital complexity and chaos. He started on the front line 25 years ago as a COBOL programmer, then successfully harnessed his technical, business, and social acumen to power some of the world’s largest IoT, OT, and custom software programs to sustainability.

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Greg Belcher

Greg uncovers hidden truths and opportunities. A proven enterprise-level finance and technology investigator, Greg engages connected product programs with intense diligence and discipline, generating and analyzing the data that keeps options focused squarely in the realm of possibility.

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Our team

Connected product development requires that multiple experts collaborate, but since tech expertise is so specific, no one does everything well. Talent can make or break success in digital.

Next Mile trusts an expansive network of experts in many critical disciplines:

  • Hardware and RF design
  • Firmware development
  • Connectivity and cloud software
  • User experience and industrial design
  • Custom software development (all disciplines)
  • Highly specialized services, like business analysis, pricing, security, or industrial marketing
  • Specialty software products

Whether a firm, contractor, employee, or team meets your need, we take great care in matching talent to task. We have to work with them, after all!

We've lived the whole process for real

There's a wide gap between those who've delivered pieces, and those of us who've been there.

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