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Own digital

Next Mile is your advocate through digitization. We believe digital offerings should create prosperity for all businesses, not just tech giants.

We've learned the hard way how practical digital transformation really works, and how it should fuel your business. To thrive with digital, you must own it.

Our origin

A new problem

Digital is no longer about efficiency alone—it’s how you deliver your offering’s essential value to customers. Outmoded digital practices were wasteful before, but as the challenge changed, old approaches now put businesses' futures at stake.

A modern solution: Next Mile

We founded Next Mile to empower you with the truth about digital success. Next Mile exists to help you control your destiny and reap transformative returns on technology.

Our plan

Crack the code

Digital successes aren’t mysterious. They happen when you apply a sustainable solution architecture, execution plan, and governance mechanism to an unmissable opportunity.

Defeat the enemy

The true villain behind the agony in digital is ambiguity. You feel it every time results don’t match intentions. We work side-by-side with you and your team to build the capabilities and instill the practices that unmask and vanquish ambiguity.

Build your success

Disambiguation and the four digital success disciplines are the pillars of Next Mile’s offering to leaders looking to digitize and modernize sustainably. We’ll share every secret and help you make a habit of victory.

Our people

Dan Barthel

Co-founder and CEO

Dan drives clear purpose, valuable experience, and high standards across digital and business initiatives. Calm, observant, and incisive, difficult is Dan’s specialty.

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Sherman Bausch

Co-founder and COO

For 25 years, Sherman has cut waste and groupthink out of technology architecture and delivery. Direct, tolerant, and adaptive, Sherman places your success before his.

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Our promise

Ferocious advocacy

Next Mile delivers:

Responsible counsel

Rational, reasonable, holistic critical-path advice.

Clean incentive

We’re bound to your best interest, not any self-serving technology sale.


Your staff grow with the program so you’re not left hanging.

Compounding advantage

Snowball progress into a superweapon your competition can’t replicate.

Honorable allies

Introductions to partners who share our values.


When better options arise, we’ll show you.

Straightforward integrity

Next Mile avoids:


Unexpected reveals annoy us, too.


Forced decisions and false choices build resentment.

Bad fits

Jamming ourselves into unsuitable situations never helps.


If things don’t change, we change tack.

Open ends

All work requires a defined end state before we start.

Loose ends

Awful consultants implement magic processes, then bail.

No production incentives, no conflicts of interest. Just the inside expertise, outside perspective, and clear answers you need to make digital work for you.

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