You Know Better.

Big Bang IT promises, technology that isn’t delivering business advantages, and pouring money into long-term, capital intensive, meandering and out-of-alignment IT projects are not the answer.

Your Next Mile: Immediate. Incremental. Impact.

Strategic Incrementalism can deliver instantly and affordably, and it profitably improves results.

Manageable Processes

Smart, bite-sized progressive, continuous improvement in your business and results.

Measurable Increments

Leverage shorter feedback loops for faster learning—your competitors can’t keep up.

Market-Changing Actions

Enhancements that matter improve performance and create market disruption.

In every industry Next Mile delivers transparently, realistically, and effectively.

Our Company

We are a responsive, nimble and affordable business, technology, and communications consulting firm with a dedicated IoT Practice. Next Mile is not an IoT provider; rather, experts in the technological utilization of the People, Products, and Processes required to take advantage of the IoT promise. Since we will not resell or promote any specific IoT product or technology, we can be objective and focus passionately on helping clients utilize IoT to maximize results.

Our Process

Our process is built on the concept of Strategic Incrementalism, which drives manageable, measurable, market-changing steps that improve results. Our process helps clients create strategic, incremental projects with feedback loops that provide faster corporate learning and performance improvements. The learning created by shorter, leaner, and quicker feedback loops through incremental processes prevents competitors with longer feedback cycles from keeping up.

Our Clients

If you are like our know better. Next Mile clients see through smoke-screen IT promises, can identify technology that isn’t delivering business advantages, and won’t pour money into long-term, capital intensive, meandering and out-of-alignment IT projects.

Our clients know they can get a lot done with simple, measurable advancing steps. They do the right thing, and are willing to make—or support—decisions that improve results. And, our very best clients value technology, are always looking for operational improvements, and realize they need to keep moving—incrementally—in order to thrive. They have ample technical resources but want better ways to leverage them, and have plenty of human resources, but want new ways to make the most of the talent. Most of all, they value the fresh insight that can only come from the outside.

Sound like you? Let’s set up a time to talk.