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IoT consulting and IoT experience design services

Create compelling connected products and save time and money on their implementation.

Next Mile consultants guide strategy, architect solutions, and drive superior implementation. We exist to advise, support, and enable your team throughout the entire development journey. Your digital sustainability is our mission.

What is IoT consulting?

IoT consulting services help businesses create relevant IoT-enabled products, implement IoT technologies efficiently, and avoid expensive mistakes. With the right consulting, businesses can enhance their products’ core value, minimize up-front and ongoing costs, and build the right technology the right way.

What is IoT experience design?

IoT experience design services help businesses craft a connected product experience that maximizes the benefits of digital and connectivity while minimizing their drawbacks. Traditional user experience and industrial design efforts find difficulty with the complexities of IoT, but proper IoT experience design consulting keeps users on the right track.

IoT consulting delivers wins

IoT shouldn’t feel expensive or uncertain. Our customers’ wins in consumer, industrial, commercial, supply chain, and healthcare prove there’s a path to victory.

"Next Mile's precise recommendations greatly increased exposure,
allowing us to hire new staff."

Dr. Hannah Strom, CEO Awake Pelvic Health

When to engage IoT consulting services

Next Mile unblocks and accelerates your team in these crucial moments:


  • De-risking and exploration
  • Architecture and definition
  • Execution planning
  • Vendor procurement
  • Acquisition
  • Decommissioning


  • User experience design
  • IoT requirements
  • Sensor selection
  • Hardware design
  • Firmware
  • Cloud/platform
  • Custom software
  • Program management and project traction


  • Cost-downs and platform efficiency
  • Business model viability
  • Building successful user-facing software
  • Creating additional products
  • Operating a large and diverse fleet
  • Platform migrations


If you’re considering buying, building, or changing an IoT solution, but you’re unsure if you should, Next Mile can help you create certainty. We’ll help you lock down every detail you need to succeed.

Implementation and delivery

When your IoT initiative’s delivery must succeed without problems. Next Mile provides the expert guidance your initiative needs to stay on track, on time, on budget—and off the risk radar.


The changing nature of IoT presents no end of challenges. We'll help you navigate high-stakes transitions, subdue escalating costs, and capture the efficiencies that make connected products worth it.

"By the time I heard about a problem it was already solved.
I love Next Mile!"

Renuka Babu, CEO DOTS

Our IoT consulting services

Getting started and IoT architecture

Activation helps your team create new, compelling connected products while avoiding risks and unknowns. We focus your ideation and contribute new insight, guiding you through use case identification and feasibility to features and a strategic roadmap your team can execute.

Experience design

Crafting an IoT experience requires in-depth technical knowledge, user context awareness, and system-level special considerations. We’ll help you prototype, test, and collect evidence that affects your solution’s design, then direct the creation of your end-to-end experience.

Delivery management

Delivery management drives meaningful progress, helping your IoT project team stay on track, break impasses, preclude risks, and make headway without disrupting business. We keep you duly informed and eliminate problems before they cause trouble.

Program cost-downs

Ruthless operating, capital, and change costs can sink any IoT program. Streamlining audits your IoT products, projects, and ongoing initiatives to unlock new efficiencies. We'll help you reveal the gains that make IoT-enabled products sustainable and net the benefits.

Transition management and vendor selection

When you have a live device fleet in the field, IoT technology and vendor transitions are treacherous. We'll de-risk your transition and counsel you through any high-stakes technical migration, staff change, or vendor switch.

You can minimize connected product development risk and cost.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get started.

Why you need IoT consulting

Non-expert approaches to IoT increase costs because:

IoT development is unique

IoT development is not just embedded, web, or hardware engineering. Successful IoT products require multiple disciplines to work harmoniously together. No single group can execute it all.

Connecting your products will change your business

IoT-enabled products affect your entire business model. You may require different sales, engineering, operations, and service capabilities, and you need to know the implications.

Mistakes have cascading impacts

In traditional digital, technical problems bring websites and services down. In IoT, one firmware problem can brick industrial equipment, causing extremely expensive downtime.

"We could not have built UWash so successfully without Next Mile."

Dan Yarusso, CEO WashCard

Why Next Mile

Next Mile champions sustainable IoT-enabled products that grow with your business, not against it. We only do IoT consulting.

Expert guidance, not empty promises. We're consultants, not providers, and we’re committed to your independent success. No nonsense, just transparent advice and empowered teams.

Lower risk, cost, and stress. We navigate the complexities of IoT with proven expertise, eliminating parasitic costs and streamlining processes for a smoother journey.

Irrefutable track record. From WashCard to SharkNinja, we’ve helped category-leading companies achieve prosperity with their connected products.

"When our CTO left, we weren't sure we could continue.
Next Mile saved us from meltdown."

Lindsey Hagan, VP Strategy & Business Development, Medibio

Take the smart route with confidence

We've helped dozens of IoT offerings find success. To get started, let’s:

  1. Connect. Introduce your team, situation, and goals.
  2. Plan. We’ll tailor a right-sized first step.
  3. Embark. Start saving and make progress on IoT today.

Next Mile ensures your IoT project doesn’t exceed budget, get stuck, or become an endless slog.