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Partnerships make or break success in digital. Tech expertise is so specific, no one does everything well.

Next Mile has collaborated with dozens of providers, but we’ve delivered uncommon results alongside these laser-focused allies. We classify our partner ecosystem by focus area:

Next Mile’s partners respect our philosophy and our position as your advocate. All share our commitment to what’s right for you.

Hardware and firmware services

Punch Through

Punch Through understands that connected products are technology ecosystems spanning hardware, firmware, Bluetooth, cloud, mobile, and more. We’ve seen PT’s systems engineering save the day multiple times, particularly in regulated medical. Contact Mike for expert assistance.

Digi WDS

Many think of Digi solely as a hardware purveyor, but Digi also possesses a world-class hardware and firmware engineering team with superior RF, compliance, and IP expertise as well as the most modern EMI lab in the U.S. If electrical and RF help is what you need, email Josh.

Dojo Five

Dojo Five brings 100+ collective years of embedded software expertise to the table, ensuring that clients deliver the right firmware every time. They’ve also created a unique continuous integration tool specifically for firmware. Ping Ryan to discuss your embedded needs in detail.

Connectivity and cloud software


Exosite’s ExoSense IoT platform has proven valuable for customers who need to either prototype a connected device or stand up a condition monitoring solution without any wasteful overhead. Email Kevin to connect quickly.


Atmosphere is every bit as flexible as commodity IoT platforms, but has a huge number of pre-built hardware integrations that minimize sensor and firmware engineering expenses. Contact Jeff for specifics.

Software design and development

Build Labs

It’s actually true—Build Labs’ mentorship-driven model delivers onshore development services at offshore prices. Additionally, Build will recruit, train, and develop whole technical practice areas for forward-looking customers. Talk to JD for a refreshing approach to software.

Online Business Systems

OBS has two halves: digital transformation and cybersecurity. OBS innovates, executes, and secures software applications with intense competence, and we recommend OBS when complicated implementation has risks associated. Connect with Tricia for more detail.


The bridge between data science and data engineering was built at MS3. They’re go-to experts for AI- and data-oriented application or services implementations using UIPath, Mulesoft, AWS, and more. When you need to make data useful through a digital interface, Eric can help.

Coherent Solutions

Experts in .NET, Java, Android Java, and Swift, Coherent quietly powers a huge number of enterprise applications. Coherent’s professionalism always shines through—we’ve seen them do the right thing in really tough situations. Chat with Danielle and you’ll know why.


EAC can do magical things with PTC software, specifically Creo, Windchill, ANSYS, and ThingWorx. If you need services or training on product lifecycle management, CAD, smart manufacturing, or simulation, Dan’s your man.


Rootstrap cuts the awkwardness out of offshore development. They’ve got all the fundamentals—UX, web, mobile, product strategy—but none of the obfuscation. They can work projects, staff aug, or any way you require, just ask Charlie.

Connected device and automation hardware


On the factory floor, automation, connectivity, and digital go hand-in-hand and Power/mation gets it. They rep, architect, install, and service industrial safety, robotics, and process automation solutions that ensure uptime and OEE. Let Terry show you how.


Banner manufactures the sensing, safety, lighting, indicating, scanning, machine vision, and wireless products quietly powering everything innovative. Manufacturing automation is especially hot, and John's ready to help when you need it.

Digi International

Digi’s the market-leading purveyor of wireless modules, embedded systems, and cellular solutions. Digi hardware underpins millions of connected products globally, and they can customize solutions to any situation. Contact Dustin to connect with confidence.


When we have RFID questions, we ask Seeonic. Seeonic’s inventory and asset tracking products provide incredible insight businesses have demonstrably used to save time and money. If you need to know where your stuff is, Harley can track it.

Mel Foster

Mel Foster reps a smorgasbord of semiconductor, passive component, and embedded system solutions. But they don’t just sell; Mel Foster’s IoT enablement services means they’ve got practical implementation experience with most of it. Kyle can get your solution to market quickly.

Data science and specialized services

LifeScale Analytics

LifeScale transforms data science, machine learning, and AI from an esoteric novelty into a valuable utility. We kid you not, we’ve seen them train an image processing AI to spot flying crows in the dark using high-altitude imagery. Ask Dan how to turn data into your advantage.

Common Marvel

Most user experience (UX) design shops drag well-meaning customers through performative group exercises and ritualistic process worship. Callie and team rejected that, founding Common Marvel to re-focus on meaningful experience design. Email Callie for a great UX UX.

Industry Corps

Industry Corps saves industrial manufacturers truckloads of time and money on plant- and site-oriented digitization challenges. They live and breathe OEE, MESes, harsh environments, remote monitoring, and digital maintenance. Contact Nick and grab some time for details.

Moxy Analytics

Data can be powerful, but it requires careful handling. Our friends at Moxy Analytics help make data and its force-multiplying impact part of your organization, specializing in data governance, data visualization, and data culture strategy. If you’re using data, Laura can make it easier.

Technical marketing services

Ainsley Shea

Ainsley Shea has been indispensable in getting new digital businesses launched and moving, producing palpable traction and initial market success. Ask Pat how Ainsley Shea can elevate, advocate, and incubate your new venture.

Big Strategic

Next Mile has heard the following lamentation from industrial and technical executives countless times: “marketing people just don’t understand what we do”. Well, Big Strategic actually does. If you’re after industrial-specific marketing expertise, reach out to Michael.


C²E is a boutique management consulting firm that helps digital and digitizing businesses see markets in a new light and chart their course to growth. If you need original insight to make decisions about an adjacent market, let Chad obtain it.

White Pine Consulting

White Pine delivers customers, partners, and capital, taking nascent technology startups and innovation teams from functional idea to genuine high growth. White Pine integrates as part of the management team to drive progress from the inside. Chat with Lizabeth for more.

Specialty software


Fashion and apparel is the largest industry in the world that’s largely unserved by digital technology. Pleneri provides a product lifecycle management system that localizes and digitizes design and manufacturing in a powerful way. Reach out to Tom to learn more.


Parallax lassos projects, centralizing planning, pricing, forecasting, and collaboration for any business who works on a project basis. If you need clarifying insight on project performance, talk to Tommy O.


Data actually can’t speak for itself. Aurelius is a sensemaking platform that helps you organize and synthesize qualitative research data, shortening the distance between data and insights. If you’ve got too much data and too little action, hit Zack for more details.