Getting the Internet of Things wrong is cripplingly expensive. Almost as expensive as not doing it.

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Next Mile IoT focuses on the business of IoT, specializing in connected business model development, assessment, and empirically-driven market exploration. Next Mile IoT is not another IoT technology provider; we help visionary leaders, successful owners, and savvy forward-thinkers distill IoT's limitless possibilities into strategic yes/no decisions. We enable you to win the savings, revenue, and new opportunities unlocked by connected technology.

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IoT forces organizations to confront new versions of old pains: vicious development cycles, unsustainable plans, and friction between present-day operations and necessary aspirations. To overcome those challenges and avoid being shackled to sunk costs, it’s critical to first answer the IoT questions that matter most, such as "What ideas have potential?" "Should I invest in this or not?" "Are we ready to execute this?"

IoT’s complex implications impact everyone from small consumer brands, to medium-sized municipalities, to large, regulated industrials. All confront outmoded methods and regressive behavior on the path to connected opportunity. All come to trust Next Mile IoT's seasoned, unbiased expertise to spot untapped potential, shine light on blind spots, and make connected business choices clear.

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