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Implementation governance

Reach your destination

Implementation governance drives meaningful progress. Once you’ve said “go”, Next Mile delivers the disciplined stewardship you need to attain your outcome:

  • >Clarifying guidance around each corner
  • >Risks handled before they’re your problem
  • > New practices implemented with and owned by your team
  • >A safe trip through concept, business model, hardware, software, and go-to-market
  • >A foundation for the organization you need to repeat success

Execution-only delivery models often fumble, trying to “get it done” instead of set up success. True governance is about ownership, not oversight. We get our hands dirty managing:

  • >Complex digital products and programs
  • >Operating model design and practice development
  • >Organization structure and policy
  • >Skill growth through coaching and mentorship
  • >Vendor, multi-vendor, and hybrid teams
  • >Technical and program risks
  • >Roadmaps, backlogs, and releases
  • >Rollout and roll-in/acceptance testing
  • >Initiative and priority guidance
  • >Future needs assessments

Responsible governance helps digital initiatives and teams arrive intact. Throughout the process, we instill the how and the why, maximizing your most precious technology investment: your team.

Achieve your goals

Next Mile accelerates complex smart product, service, supply chain, and manufacturing programs, saving you resources you can’t get back.

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